The Smart Paint Factory Alliance, SPFA, is an association that coordinates and promotes the interests of its members from the paint industry and its periphery. In association with others, they develop sustainable, digital solutions that they are generally unable to achieve on their own for reasons of resources and expertise.

The digital, sustainable transformation of the coatings industry and thus the SPFA affects by far not only the coatings raw material suppliers, coatings manufacturers and coatings users directly involved in value creation. Companies from their periphery, e.g. plant engineering, automation, digitization, IT and the circular economy are just as much a part of this transformation as scientific institutions and associations.

The SPFA is a network in which these diverse members pool their strengths, competencies and resources in order to master current challenges, including the following

  • Can’t ignore the rapid pace of data development and the enormous progress of digitalization to remain competitive in the long term
  • The commitment to sustainability also forces coatings manufacturers to make greater use of renewable raw materials, adapt their formulations and show a positive environmental balance in the long term
  • Compensate for the shortage of skilled workers, i.e. coating experts, automation and digitization specialists, and sustainability specialists

Your contacts at the Smart Paint Factory Alliance are:

Dr. Ulf Stalmach, Chairman of the Board


Ralph J. Woerheide, Vice Chairman of the Board