Welcome to the Smart Paint Factory Alliance

What we do

The Smart Paint Factory Alliance is an association of innovative people, institutes, companies and stakeholders from the paint and coatings industry. Our goal is to find joint answers to the major challenges facing our industry.

Our interactive offers for you and with you:


Meetings to discuss current industry challenges with experts and stakeholders.


We publish our ideas and encourage industry experts to contribute to the media.

The Smart Paint Factory Alliance e.V. was able to present itself successfully at the European Coatings Show 2023! Thanks to the support of the company ORONTEC, the Fraunhofer IFAM, the […]

It all started with a presentation at the “Paint and Coatings Industry 4.0” conference held by Vincentz Verlag in Kassel in April 2018. Ralph Jan Wörheide presented his idea of […]

On March 28, 2022, the Smart Paint Factory Alliance was founded. The founding members are (from left to right) board member Ralph J. Wörheide (ORONTEC), Dr.- Ing. Felipe Wolff Fabris […]